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My Red Zebra is a program for owners and managers of small and medium businesses. It provides high level analysis and advice usually reserved for large businesses, to make client businesses more profitable. 'My Red Zebra' is provided by McNicol Williams Management & Marketing Services.

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My Red Zebra

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My Red Zebra program provides specialized management tools, services, and resources to increase the effectiveness of business managers. My Red Zebra resources actually reduce time pressure on business operators!

This program has been developed from years of experience in business management.

It has been chosen by leading international companies for dealer support, endorsed by Industry Victoria for its Group Services Program, and delivered through the Australian Government "Small Business Enterprise Culture" program


Highly Effective Marketing - It's easy to run ads. But hard to have an effective marketing program!

With 'Highly Effective Marketing', we work with you to maximise your connections with your customers. That means loyalty programs, advertising, merchandising, and messaging. Don't worry about creating your message, or delivering it. Let us do the worrying for you. You'll get a program that really works - and is affordable.

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Highly Effective Marketing


Strategic Pathways - Specific management consulting on strategic issues affecting your business.

The classic form of management consulting. The work is done according to a brief we agree on before the work is commenced.

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My Local Pool Shop - An on-line selling platform for operators of independent pool shops.

Just as we provide tools for management in My Red Zebra, and tools for marketing in Highly Effective Marketing, we provide the tools and support services for independent retailers to develop a digital strategy for the New Age of retailing.

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Our main office is in Melbourne, and we serve clients all  over Australia. In 2013, My Red Zebra began developing clients in Turkey, creating a European, and multicultural base. McNicol Williams was established in July 1985. In April 1987, the company was incorporated as Hallmark Crest Pty Ltd, trading as "McNicol Williams Management & Marketing Services". 'My Red Zebra' launched in February, 1996.